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Patty Baiano, BFA, PMA-CPT, Functional Health Coach & Master Pilates Teacher Trainer

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Functional Health Coaching

Upgrade your body, achieve your goals, realize your potential, and enhance your health, performance, and happiness through the application of emerging wellness protocols. Specializing in weight loss, auto-immune, and Lyme management.

Master Pilates Training

We offer Private & Duet personal training sessions and Pilates Teacher Training & Certification programs with PMA certified Master Teachers based on the traditions of Joseph Pilates. Integrate physical training and nutritional coaching for optimal wellness.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock your full potential. Say hello to THE NEW YOU!

Functional Health Coaching is a confidential and innovative dialogue to help clients move out of outmoded ways of thinking and feeling into new and healthy perspectives that support overall well-being, while identifying and achieving personal career, life & fitness goals.

Are you ready for results that last?

Are you ready to improve your mood and energy level?

Are you ready to become a kinder, healthier, happier, higher functioning human being living intentionally and in alignment with your innate talents and capacities?

Weight Loss & Dietary Coaching

Specializing in metabolic syndrome/weight-loss resistance, blood-sugar/glucose imbalances & food allergies. Diet plans include the real prescription HCG Diet Plan, Intermittent Fasting, Keto Diet and the Bulletproof® Diet.

Lyme & Autoimmune Management

Lyme and autoimmune diseases are one of the fastest growing and most difficult to treat diseases in the world.  Learn the tips, biohacks and nutritional counseling  to manage the symptoms of Lyme, auto-immune, and other chronic inflammatory diseases

Stress Management

 Stress reduction is just one of the many benefits that can have a resounding effect on virtually every aspect of your life. By tackling your stress today, you will be better equipped to deal with the challenges you face in the future. Learn Mindfulness, Meditation & Heart-Rate Variability (HRV) techniques.

Corporate Health Challenges

A corporate wellness program is a company-led initiative undertaken with the intention of improving or maintaining the health and well-being of the company’s employees. As Google proved in the early 90’s, exercise brings employees together, improves morale and increases productivity. 

What is Functional Health Coaching about?

  • A Functional Health Coach is a professional who helps you reach a goal or make a change in your life. They help you to get out of your head and start taking action in the areas of your life that you wish to change.
  • A Functional Health Coach guides you through the process by asking questions that help you evaluate and decide which steps to take in order to reach your goal or make an important change.
  • Then they play the important roles of motivator, strategist and accountability partner. Their goal is to help you reach your goal in the most efficient, effective and rewarding way possible.
  • A Functional Health Coach is more than just a Counselor or a Consultant, they step you through the achievement process from the beginning to the end, from the planning stage all the way through the execution stages.
  • Functional Health Coaches are like personal trainers for your life goals.

What type of Coaching?

Not sure what weight loss diet plan best suits you? No problem. We’ll evaluate your needs and goals and help you choose the best diet plan for your lifestyle and personal vision. In addition to the medically supervised HCG Diet Plan we specialize in the Bulletproof® Diet as well as coach assisted fasting protocols.

HCG Diet Coaching


Have you considered doing the HCG Diet, or are you a struggling HCG Dieter with unanswered questions in need of HCG Diet support?

The HCG diet plan is fairly simple once you understand it. It works, and in its 70 year existence, the HCG diet has helped millions achieve rapid and permenant weight loss. But if you do it wrong you won’t get the lasting results you seek and may even further complicate your metabolism.

My coaching, advice, and strategies for the HCG diet are still bringing hundreds of people a year complete success.

Witnessing the transformations of my coaching clients is one of the most satisfying accomplishments of my life and I am with you 100% through your journey. Learn more about the HCG Diet.

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Bulletproof® Human Potential Coaching

Bulletproof Coaching

Official program of Dave Asprey and the Bulletproof Diet™. Patty Baiano, a certified Bulletproof® Human Potential Coach, offers sessions and packages around the Bulletproof Diet™ and lifestyle.

  • Bulletproof Diet™, intermittent fasting, Rapid Fat Loss Protocol
  • Supplements
  • Mindfulness training
  • Cognitive Performance
  • Biohacking

In addition to the Bulletproof® program, clients are offered biohacking around anti-aging/beauty, stress management, heart coherence, and biofeedback. We also offer hybrid programs to assist in Executive Coaching, Communication Coaching, and Career Coaching.

Call us at 732-672-4147 for pricing.

Pilates Training + Functional Health Coaching


Transform your life as you transform your body! Using Pilates and personalized coaching sessions, Patty Baiano brings together functional movement and life coaching for stress management, nutritional counselling, and weight loss.

Mindful movement sessions with Patty are held in person at BodyFit Pilates Academy, in Toms River NJ.

Using specialized equipment we’ll focus on your specific physical goals and develop a customized exercise program that can be performed at home. We’ll explore:

  • Using Food as Medicine
  • Functional Fitness
  • Gut Health, Digestion
  • Detoxification
  • Stress Management & more!

Call us at 732-672-4147 for pricing.

About Me

I am Patty Baiano, Master Pilates Teacher and  Healthpreneur with over 25 years of professional experience in the health & fitness industry. I’m also a certified Bulletproof® Coach, Health & Weight Loss Blogger and Biohacker.

I’m the founder of BodyFit Superstore, a weight loss and wellness marketplace partnered with an advanced Medical Group specializing in metabolic syndrome and prescription lifestyle therapies.

Now owner & educational director of BodyFit Pilates Academy, in Toms River NJ. I lead the area’s only PMA approved Pilates Teacher Trainer Program, as well as an extensive program for “Pilates for MS and Other Neurological Disorders®.”


“I struggled with weight loss my entire life. I’ve watched people do the same diets loosing weight effortlessly but never had the same results. Patty’s program helped identified food and environmental allergens that were causing inflammation. Once I omitted this “Kryptonite”I finally began losing weight. I’m so grateful!”

~ Anya P.

“My wife suffered a major stroke in March of 2015 which left her without the ability to walk or even stand on her own without assistance. After 8-months of Neuro-Pilates training she was not only able to stand without assistance, but walk on her own with the use if a walker. The improvement was nothing short of a miracle…”

~ Paul & Wendy L.

“This is my second round of B12 shots and all I can say is that I love them! I’ve always been anemic and this product has helped so much. Thanks to Patty, I’m no longer tired all the time, my mood is so much better and in all I feel healthier. I have also managed to loose weight which is a plus. The price and service are awesome!”

~ Marianna D.

Online Coaching Resources

Weight Loss Blog

Outtakes and musings of our journeys and experience with weight loss programs. We’ve tread the path before you and have lots of tips and insights to make your ride smooth and successful.

HCG Diet Info & Recipes

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the HCG Diet. We’ll walk you through every step from the history of the program through maintenance.

Medical Weight Loss Programs

Before you buy any HCG Diet Plan, you want to make sure that what you are buying is the real HCG hormone. Our buying guide & providers have passed all of the stringent guidelines.

Find your Balance. Set your Goals. Take a Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Patty includes a combination of coaching and wellness modalities that teach the foundations of WHOLE PERSON Human Potential Development to give you a renewed feeling of well-being and an awakened sense of purpose.

Programs are customized for your physiological, emotional and environmental needs. This helps clients gain confidence, while reducing anxiety levels, and creating health & well-being that lasts!

At BodyFit Coaching we take the time to look at every aspect of your life, and present the information in a way in which you can resonate and trust, so you have the proper support system in place–that is designed for you–to reach your health and wellness goals.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!